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Our Mission

Our number one goal is to bring unique individuals together through artistic and technical works. There are so many artists and technology personnel of all concentrations in the world that are disconnected and under appreciated.

We want to eradicate this.

The Belfry Bats is an alternative clothing store that will turn into a social media platform for artists and technical personnel to come in and show their skills with the added ability to sell their products.

The ultimate goal of The Belfry Bats is to become a central hub for artists and technical personnel to showcase their works freely and make profits from them. Each person has a special brand that they bring to the table and we want to be able to offer a platform to every individual who deserves recognition. Our platform will become a marketplace, portfolio, and employment opportunity hub for a world striving to be successful in businesses that are difficult if not impossible to get into especially as a an entry level candidate.

We hope that employers all over the world will come here to see and appreciate the individual uniqueness of every Belfry Bat who joins our platform and offer the work opportunities they deserve. Discrimination based on level of experience especially for college graduates is a massive problem in art and technology industries. Many people begin as a help desk employee just to get their foot in the door but the problem is many can't progress from this point and become complacent in their day to day job. They give up on their dreams of becoming a well paid artist, musician, designer, programmer, or administrator amongst many other desirable positions in the field. 

We are here to fight for your right to become everything you've ever wanted to be. Your hard work and dedication shouldn't go unavenged any longer. By providing a place to show what you can do as an individual you will be able to come out from the shadows and show your beautiful eccentricities as an artist to the world. We believe that in a world where the strange and unusual are becoming more standard than ever before that you will become appreciated for your oddities and seen as an asset to companies looking for talent that has long been underground.

Let's shatter the status quo together, it's time for a change in the system.

We Know, We Have A Long Way To Go...

The main obstacle in bringing our site to its full potential is simple and timeless, funding.

As with any business there are costs that need to be taken care of. It should be noted that our website was created entirely by a single very skilled woman who has donated a lot of time to our cause. She even put forth the money to purchase our domain and has been paying for it generously every year since.


There have been barriers though, considering that we have no funding currently and that this website is maintained by a single person we haven't been able to implement the features that will ultimately fulfill our mission. For now we are stuck as a small online store and blog site. We plan to continue blogging and improving our store until we receive the funding we need to fulfill our mission. Rest assured though that our store and blogs will not go away when we are able to create our full fledged platform. We love selling premade and handmade items and writing about all kinds of subjects for the world to learn about and enjoy.

Family Forums, Multifarious Merchandise, & Nogging Blogging

Our forums are meant to not only offer help to those in need of artistic and technical advice but also to create a community that can flourish as we grow as a business.


As we are able to add more to the site we hope to spark interest and desire in others with our interesting store items and educational blogs that help fill in the cracks of our business structure. We also hope to create a large following with supporters from all backgrounds who want to be united through our cause to make a special place for the artists and technicians of the world.

We hope that you'll join us on our journey and if you would like to help us pay to hire a professional website developer and obtain a reliable server system for our members, feel free to visit our shop here to pick up something special or you can also donate below.

Thank you all so much for supporting us we will surely be able to pay it forward soon with your help and contributions.

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Our Founder

I grew up as a child with big dreams. Being the daughter of a respected music producer in Atlanta created the perfect environment for my aspirations, until we lost everything.

The recession was a monster that no one could overcome, it had to be ran from. In having to do this, my family was torn apart for years. For so long we struggled to get out of the briars we were entangled in but we eventually managed to come out safe and so very blessed.

In the process, we lost a lot of hope and motivation, especially myself. I became distraught and angry at the circumstances, then along came college. 

I found myself again through my studies and successfully graduated two years early with double Bachelor's Degrees in Technology with Honors. I found something to live for again, my love for art and computers slowly but surely began to rise from the ashes and ignite once more.

But today I find myself alone in a world full of businesses that focus solely on job experience and not on the skill of the individual. It's been a while since my graduation now and I still find myself in a dead end nine to five that doesn't even pertain to my areas of expertise. Because of this I decided to create The Belfry Bats to help people like myself find opportunities to work and be themselves without having to worry about judgement based on job experience, background, or appearances. I believe it matters what you can do and not how long you've been doing it because in reality if you've got it, you've got it.


Being a polymath, I learn things very quickly and with ease even with being legally blind. I have managed to learn advanced object oriented programming and create software on my own as well as construct websites, digital art, music, etc. It just goes to show that with dedication it doesn't matter what hurdles stand in your way you don't have to stumble just believe in yourself and leap, the world is waiting for you.

With Love always, Danikae Belfry.


Danikae Belfry, Founder of The Belfry Bats LLC.

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